Our Leadership Pastor Stephen C. Deutsch Stephen is grateful to have been raised in a Christian home. His father is  an Honorably Retired Presbyterian Minister and his mother a retired social  worker. He was born overseas, but grew up primarily in the mid-west (Indiana  and Michigan). He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (pre-med) degree from  Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and still loves science. He readily  talks bugs and dissects frogs for school classes when given the chance. His  Master of Divinity degree is from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He  was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1990 when he started serving the  Dexter and Hagerman, New Mexico, congregations. He later received a  Certificate of Advanced Studies, also from the seminary in Austin.  Stephen has served the high governing church over the years in several  capacities: Presbyterian Youth Council Chair; Presbytery Moderator; Council  Chair; National Presbyterian Youth Ministry Council and he has served as a  member or chair of various committees.  Locally, he’s involved as volunteer Hospital  Chaplain and is the current president of the  local Ministerial Alliance where he helps co-ordinate community worship  services and food drives. He loves working with youth and children,  serving 5 years as the Fine Arts Site Director for the Dexter after-school  program. Stephen is a stalwart advocate and henchman for the local Cafe  Cha Cha Cha Pecos Valley Teen Center located in Dexter. He is also a  bulwark for the choir.  Stephen is happily married to Amy and adores his three children:  Brianna, Nick and Ben. In his spare time he enjoys running, woodworking,  piddlin’ in the garden, hiking and barbecuing. Serving the Dexter and  Hagerman churches has been his joy and blessing. He will readily explain  that he has never known better church families. He appreciates these  congregations’ love, support and generosity.  Our hope in God is not unfounded, our Lord is alive and the Holy Spirit is truly our Counselor and Friend. Stephen is convinced that God’s purposes for us are more than wonderful... Youth Minister, Anna Chaney Anna Miles Chaney was born and raised in the Pecos Valley and has attended Dexter First Presbyterian her entire life. Anna played sports in high school, enjoying great success in Volleyball and Track. She graduated in 1999 from Dexter High with honors! She attended New Mexico State University where she met her amazing husband, Kyle Chaney, the last week of her freshman year. Anna graduated in 2003 with a degree in Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising, a Minor in Business Administration and Marketing. She was blessed to have Kyle, an English teacher, read all of her papers. She never made below an “A” ever again! Anna and Kyle were married in 2003 and moved to Albuquerque and then to Santa Fe.  Anna worked at a department store as an assistant manager. It didn’t take her long to discover this was not the job for her! She only lasted two years, but that was long enough for Kyle to get his masters in English at Unversity of New Mexico, then it became his turn to work. They moved to Hobbs for about 9 months after asking God to help them find their place in life. God responded with a very rewarding job for Anna at the church where she grew up.  Back to Dexter it was and after a while she even got paid for doing what she loved! God blessed the family again when Kyle landed an awesome teaching job at NMMI in 2006 and the fun hasn’t stopped yet. Anna and Kyle enjoy hanging out with the Youth Group kids and sharing the “Good News” about Jesus Christ. But nothing compares to how much they love their sweet baby Stella. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him,” I Corinthians 2:9 Jeannie is happily married to Mark Rodgers. She is the mother of two children and has three grandchildren. She can answer all your questions or get you in touch with someone who can. Music Director, Genia Devenport Genia has been adult choir director at First Presbyterian Church in Dexter for at least ten years. She enjoys playing violin and guitar, teaching herself guitar while in college. She played in orchestra in high school, college and for one year with the Roswell Symphony Orchestra. She has sung in church choirs all her adult life. Genia was born in Durham, North Carolina, and was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology in 1976. She continued post-graduate studies in Houston, Texas, graduating with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 1978. She relocated to New Mexico in 1980 where she and her husband, Darel, married and bought a small farm in Dexter. Darel and son, Dustin, raise cattle, horses and alfalfa. Genia is currently working professionally as a physical therapist providing early intervention, school based services and home health physical therapy to children and adults with disabilities. Jeannie Rodgers, Church Secretary Commissioned Lay Pastors Beverly Coots Pianists: Amy Deutsch, Gina Visser & Mary Lynn Bogle Christy Perez, Treasurer Some photos throughout this site will enlarge when you click on them